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 Music participation provides a unique opportunity for literacy preparation. Whether the children are singing, playing, or listening, teachers direct them to listen and hear in new ways which exercises their aural discrimination. Playing instruments and adding movements to lessons teaches children about the sequential learning which is essential in reading and comprehension.
Music affects the growth of a child's brain academically, emotionally, physically and spiritually.

At St Maria Goretti Catholic Academy, we employ specialist music teachers to support the delivery of our music curriculum. In the Foundation Stage children take part in Sound Pots singing sessions to develop music as well as, personal social and emotional skills. KS1 pupils form part of the Songbirds choir and take part in a performance at the Victoria Hall. KS2 pupils have a weekly curriculum lesson combining theory and instruments, and Year 4 and Year 5 also lean to play a string instrument.

We also offer small group string tuition for those parents who wish their child to access this additional provision.

Music Skills

Music on one

Careers in Music

Through out the music curriculum the children will get the chance to learn about a wide range of careers and the skills needed for specific jobs.

Music Journalist

Music Producer

Music Teacher

Music Therapist

Radio Producer


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This year our school choir have had several opportunities to perform to an audience beyond the school community. Our favourite performance were at the Donna Louise Hospice, and The Royal Stoke University Hospital at Christmas.

We also took part in the Young Voices concert in Manchester