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All Saints Catholic Collegiate

Year 2

Welcome to Year 2 at St Maria Goretti


Year 2 Staff: Mrs Stone, Mrs Birchall and Mrs Lyons

Our Learning - Summer Term

Religious Education: 

  • Easter
  • Penticost
  • Sharing in the Life of Jesus
  •  The Mass


Class Text: Vlad and the Great Fire of London, George's Marvelous Medicine

  • Story - Write stories that mimic significant authors.
  • Poetry- to write nonsense and humorous poems and limericks.
  • Letter – persuasive writing
  • Non fiction—non—chronological report
  • Story - Write narative set in places pupils have been. (Personal experience)


Reading Diaries should be signed by an adult at least 3 times per week. 


  •  Problem solving
  • Position and Direction
  • Measure including: Mass, capacity and temperature
  • Time
  • Investigations



  • Weather/Seasons -  recognising seasonal change and postion of the sun
  • Light





The Great Fire of London/‚ÄčTourist Detectives

  • Identifying key events from The Great Fire of London (History)
  • Ordering events on a timeline (History)
  • Learning about a key figure from history , Samuel Pepys
  • Identifyingcountires of the UK (Geography)
  • Identifying Capital cities in the UK (Geography)
  • Using maps and atlases (Geography)
  • Healthy Eatingt (DT)
  • Investigating the works of British artist david Hockney( Art)
  • Digital Media  (Art)
  •  E Safety(Computing)
  • Coding (Computing)
  • Collecting Data (Computing)
  • Using Word ( computing)

Year 2 Spring Curriculum Leaflet