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All Saints Catholic Collegiate

Key Stage 1 Reading


Year 1 and Year 2:

Phonics continues into Year 1.  The children move on to each set when they are secure with the previous.  By the end of Year 1, pupils aim to be secure in all sets.  As well as Phonics, the pupils will engage in Guided Reading sessions to achieve the reading expectations in the progression document for Reading. In Year 2, pupils will move onto No Nonsense Spelling, where they will be learning to read and spell more difficult words.


Progression of reading 

In addition, pupils in Year 1 and 2 are given the opportunity to access a range of quality texts in an author-themed reading area, as well as independent reading challenges around the classroom. Shared reading sessions are also taught progressively through the week, where specific reading skills are taught, as well as the teaching of vocabulary, to support the development of reading.  These skills, further support writing.  Once pupils have secured their phonics, they move from phonics-based reading books to Accelerated Reader Scheme.  Those who are still working towards securing their phonics in Year 2, are supported by Project X (intervention programme).  The teaching of sight words is also a key feature.