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All Saints Catholic Collegiate

Meet the Pupil Leaders


Our school’s mission ‘ACHIEVING TOGETHER IN LOVE AND FAITH’ is strengthened through a love of learning coupled with our faith in God as Christians. This drives us to provide the best education and opportunities for our children and their families. We seek to promote the skills necessary in preparation for future study and the world of work. We encourage our children to read frequently in an attempt to develop a wealth of vocabulary and knowledge of our world. 

We recognise the range of talents and varied skillset of our pupils which enables us to develop and promote future leaders through our successful pupil leadership team.

Pupil Senior Leaders

Head Boy - 

Head Girl - 

Deputy Head Boy - 

Deputy Head Girl - 

Assistant Head Boy - 

Assistant Head Girl -


Curriculum Leaders

STEM/Phizz Lab Technician - 

Sports Lead - 

Careers Leads - 

School Council Chair - 

Senior Librarian - 

Mental Health and Anti Bullying Champion - 

Mental Health and Animal Welfare Lead - 

Assistant Site Supervisor -

Senior First Aider - 

Spiritual Lead - 


Additional Leadership Opportunities

 We have a range of leadership opportunities inclusive of :

  • School Council
  • Peer Mediation
  • Midday Supervision
  • Magic Breakfast
  • Admin Support
  • Attendance
  • Awards and Presentation Team