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All Saints Catholic Collegiate

Key Stage 2 Reading


Year 3 and 4:

 Once pupils enter KS2, the focus of learning to read remains a priority.  Pupils who need additional support in reading, undertake specialist reading programmes, such as Project X, as well as Guided Reading sessions and additional comprehension sessions.  Guided Reading allows pupils to access a progression of reading skills with quality texts, both fiction and non-fiction, as well as the exposure of a variety of high-order questioning to challenge all abilities.

The Accelerated Reader scheme, allows pupils to access a range of texts that meet and challenge their reading abilities, as well as develop a sense of achievement by complete reading quizzes that celebrate reading success as well as allowing teachers to monitor and assess their reading progress.  Reading for pleasure continues to be promoted, with engaging reading areas, as well as DEAR time.


Year 5 and 6:

Once pupils enter UKS2, there is a further emphasis on developing fluency and a deeper understanding of quality texts.  Reading for pleasure is promoted through DEAR time (whole school approach), and book awards, highly linking to home reading.  Guided Reading sessions are taught, again with a focus assessing pupils’ understanding through high-order questioning, which are differentiated to suit all abilities.  Pupils are also taught specific reading skills though whole class reading, where they are exposed to ambitious vocabulary, retrieval and deeper questioning and inferring and responding.