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Physical education is part of the curriculum that can contribute most to the physical development and experience of the pupils.  It provides opportunities for the development of manipulative and motor skills, co-ordination, control, mobility and strength.  It also contributes to the development of social, personal and emotional skills necessary for an individual to interact with others, or operate independently and with enjoyment.


  • To fulfil the requirements of the National Curriculum and to provide a broad and balanced programme of physical education. 
  • To promote physical activity and healthy lifestyle. 
  • To teach, through experience and knowledge, the values of participation in physical activity. 
  • To develop an appreciation of skillful and creative performance across the areas of activity. 
  • To establish self-esteem through physical confidence. 
  • To encourage positive attitudes that promotes co-operation and fair play. 
  • To provide opportunities, which will enable children to become independent learners through discovery, decision making and evaluation. 
  • To raise awareness and understanding of the importance of health and hygiene through physical activity. 
  • To promote activities, which will help develop children’s inter-personal skills through structured partner, small group, team and class work. 
  • To provide opportunities for children to play some competitive fixtures with other local school teams.
  • To ensure safe and healthy practice, by providing challenge with minimal risk but no danger.
  • To identify gifted and talented children and encourage them to develop their skills further through local community clubs and competitions.


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