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Celebrating Reading

National Poetry Day

National Poetry Day was celebrated at SMG on Thursday 1st October.  A selection of poetry was explored throughout the school and recited. 
Please see Year 5 reciting their class author’s inspired poem.

Forest Library Launch

Our new forest library was launched to parents, governors, pupils and the local newspaper with the help of a very special guest Peter Kennedy, who also delivered a fantastic reading workshop for our parents and governors.  

Our forest library is a special area for pupils to read for pleasure, research a variety of texts and borrow books to enjoy in their own time.

Thank you to our school librarians for taking their roles very seriously and being fantastic role models for Reading.


A very exciting time for Reading at SMG!

 Our local librarian Amy, came to deliver a training session for our school librarians. 

They had opportunities to learn about the skills involved in this career path,

skills to use in looking after their school library and to enjoy reading for pleasure.

 The librarians are now making plans to create opportunities for the whole school

to use the library as a service where pupils can borrow books and provide book recommendations.

Reading for Pleasure at SMG

At SMG, Reading is the core of all learning.  On March 5th, our pupils and staff celebrated ‘Reading for Pleasure’ by coming into school in their pyjamas and blankets, as well as becoming authors.  Both pupils and staff were inspired by their very own author and illustrator Phil Calvert.  

Mr Calvert shared his published work and what inspired him to illustrate and write.  

Our pupils implemented the advice during this special day as you can see in these fantastic photographs.  

Well done everyone.  

A fantastic day!



Reading Competition Winners